We choose to contribute
so that the world may endure

and the future of the next generation will be sure

Libertas Grupo Imobiliário

A natural option

For Libertas, opting for sustainability is not a cosmetic path that elevates us in the consideration of clients and partners. It is and always has been a clear and spontaneous choice. After all, those who conceive and build real estate projects must do so with the notion that they will change the landscape where they are located. Therefore, both at the time of creation and in the construction process, where environmental standards must be rigorous, there must always be great reverence for the sustainability of our ecosystem.

On the other hand, our sustainability policy also has an external seal of approval: since 2008 we have been certified by TUV Rheinland Portugal with the ISO 14001 standard, which confirms our commitment to environmental protection, including adjustment to climate change, pollution prevention, legal compliance and socio-economic needs, through more effective management of environmental aspects, taking into account a project life cycle perspective and the risks associated with our activity.

We are proof that it is possible to look after the success of the company without neglecting the balance of the world.

We build wellbeing

Everything Libertas does aim to propel the human being towards a more rewarding experience of life. That is why we consider ourselves humanists.

This means that whenever we conceive a project, we think of the experience it will offer. We like to create functional spaces, where we insert several common areas that simplify and improve the lives of those who use them, we also seek transversal access to the exterior view and we privilege the amplitude of the rooms and the excellence of the materials. Because only with the right quality can the quality of life be created.

But our humanist concern also manifests itself inwardly. We create a transparent and close relationship with our employees, where personal merit is rewarded, regardless of nationality, race or gender. We do the same with our partners, with whom we establish bonds of loyalty that last over time.

Finally, in an attempt to develop the country and the communities where we operate, we also favour the use of Portuguese products. It is also a way of, very humanly, saying thank you to the country that has made us grow.

Multiply to improve

In the process of growth, Libertas has extended its activity to areas that bring added value to real estate. We are talking about renewable energies that feed several of our developments, organic farming that supplies the restaurants we have integrated into our projects and, finally, we are talking about tourism, an activity we develop in some of the spaces we build.

This diversification allows us to have an integrated and global offer, providing a better service to those who come to us.

It should also be noted that all the areas we are developing derive from our market positioning, where ecological and human awareness are such strong axes that manage our investment policy.


Real sustainability

Libertas does not just proclaim that it has a strong sustainability policy. Our words have actions that confirm them. And there are so many that we even have to list them.

  • Constructing new buildings with A-rated energy certifications
  • Undertaking waste management
  • Encouraging environmentally sustainable behaviour among our employees, customers and suppliers
  • Choosing materials that ensure the greatest energy efficiency in our buildings
  • Installing electric-car sockets, kitchens equipped with class A appliances or better, solar thermal hot water systems and reusing rainwater for
    watering gardens in all our houses and apartments
  • Constantly searching for better environmental solutions to achieve the intended environmental goals of each project


When the sun and wind give us encouragement

Renewable energy is without a doubt a very important step for a more balanced and healthier planet. Libertas is therefore doing its part by developing solar and hydroelectric energy production plants. Let’s get to know them.


This was the Group’s first hydroelectric power plant. It is located in Granja do Tedo, district of Viseu. It started its activity in 2008, with a forecasted production of 5.000.000 kW/year, at a power of 2.400kVA. It is characterised by maintaining an innocuous relationship with the weir, with minimal impact on the landscape, ensuring the availability of water in downstream farms, even during the dry season.


Comprising two mini-plants, Aldeia do Neves I and Aldeia do Neves II, this project began operating in 2010. Each plant is made up of 504 panels of 168 modules, with 1.6 m2. These are made of polycrystalline cylindrical and have a power of 0.23 Kwp, which makes each power plant have an estimated average power of 100 kW/each

Hidroelectrica da Ribeira de Leomil
Centrais Fotovoltaicas de Almodovar

Organic Farming

Taking good care of nature pays off

Believe it or not, but the fact is that nature seems to reward those who treat it well. And that’s how it’s been with the different organic farming spaces we’ve created.

Without using intensive methods that do not respect the cycle and natural resources, without relocating crops and without using chemical fertilizers, Libertas grows healthy and responsible crops. In return, or thanking us, if you prefer, Nature gives us the best that its soil can give: flavour, lots of flavours.

Quinta dos Lagos

Located in Albergaria-a-Velha, Quinta dos Lagos is an 18.9 hectares rural property, walled, with picturesque houses and centennial trees, framed in a leafy landscape. In its interior, there is a water spring, with exceptional biochemical characteristics and our organic agriculture production.


Located 45 minutes from Lisbon, this Herdade is an integrated project, which includes an area of organic farming, where the vineyard, also organic, stands out. In addition, it will also accommodate a group of individual villas, townhouses, as well as a student residence and a rural hotel. It’s a place where you can see that well-being has taken root.


A 50 hectares plot of land, located in one of the most privileged areas of the Algarve, near the Vilamoura Marina, only 26 km from Faro airport. It includes an organic farm and will soon have 2 rural hotels. It’s the countryside by the beach.

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