We chose to get down to business
in different areas

offering a final product of a bigger value.

We chose to get down to business in different areas

offering a final product of a bigger value.

Libertas Grupo Imobiliário

Sharing resources
to share efficiency

Centralização e Partilha de Recursos Libertas
Whenever you share resources, you save and you learn! This reasoning guides Libertas’ offer in the business segment, where we have opted for a set of spaces that enable the sharing of transversal functionalities across various companies. In this way, economic efficiency is boosted, in addition to energy efficiency, and there is also time for each person to truly dedicate to the growth of their project.

Real Estate

Many m2 of experience

Undeniably, real estate is the central axis of the whole Libertas Group. Throughout the years, we have gained experience that we were able to transform into wisdom. Today, we are presented with the 3 levels of this activity: creation, construction and promotion.

We have a growing project portfolio that reflects our vision as a company and which contributes, in our sphere, to a more sustainable and pleasant world.

Imobiliário Libertas

Real estate
Funds Management

All our knowledge at the service of your investment

Libertas has a profound knowledge about the real estate market, which allows them to professionally and safely help to monetise the investments in this area. We operate, primarily, in the hospitality segment, where we have a differentiating service. In the entire tourism product, we guarantee total quality through our operations, or within a careful choice of hotel operators. In the case of holiday homeowners, we offer rental management services, contracting supplies, among others. This way, you do not have to worry about anything, except getting a return on your investment.


Making those who are in our house feel at home

Libertas is also present in the tourism sector, offering quality in urban areas, as well as, locations with privileged natural surroundings. The Upon Lisbon unit and the Praia do Sal resort are excellent examples. Two diverse environments where the same demand and attention to detail are revealed from the first “good morning!”

Hospitality Grupo Libertas
Hospitality Grupo Libertas
Hospitality Grupo Libertas


We whet your appetite for cuisines from different origins

Restaurants are a natural evolution for those who create community-generating projects. Our restaurants serve these communities and all those who appreciate good Portuguese or even Italian food. Care to try?

Restauração Libertas
Restauração Libertas

Business Centers Libertas


At the epicentre of Lisbon, in the heart of Avenida da Liberdade, is Libertas’ proposal for the future of many companies: LiberOffice. In this high-quality business building, we rent out offices and meeting rooms for internal or external companies. Those who wish can also have their virtual office here, as we provide companies with a tax and commercial address.


Renewable Energy

Economically sustainable, ecologically unavoidable

Libertas’ entry into renewable energies was a natural process. After all, if sustainability is one of our pillars, it has become essential to follow this path. Therefore, the purchase of the hydroelectric power station in 2006, and the creation of the photovoltaic power station in 2009, was the materialisation of an old vision, which aimed to enable the supply of green energy to our projects.

Energias Renováveis
Energias Renováveis

Organic Farming

Return to our roots

Libertas has several farms where agriculture is carried out with respect for nature’s cycles, without using chemical pesticides and taking local biodiversity into account. Among other destinations, these farms supply our restaurants and several of our real estate projects. And everyone realises that this form of agriculture has another flavour.

Agricultura Biológica
Agricultura Biológica

Project Management

A level of demand that only we understand

Libertas does not like to get rid of anything. We have a way of working and a standard of excellence that we never waiver. As such, we take on each new project until it becomes real, which involves creation, construction and promotion.

Projects concluded
by Grupo Libertas

Libertas has delivered countless keys to countless new owners. And that is not all. We have also opened up various spaces so that many companies may grow. Find out everything we have done over the past 30 years.

Would you still like
to know more
about Libertas?

Would you still like to know more about Libertas?

Libertas has a lot to discover, and you can contact us here to find out more, take a look at our brochure.