Unique Belém

Unique Belém
Lisbon - The 'Unique Belém' is located between the former royal residence (Palácio da Ajuda) and the Presidential Palace (Palácio de Belém).

This magnificent private condo features a swimming pool, a garden, a gym, and an underground car park. Its breathtaking view over the Tagus River and its bold contemporary architecture, designed and signed by the architect Fredericio Valsassina, allow to definitely make a privileged lifestyle.

The apartments offer typologies between 1 and 4-bedrooms apartments, some with terraces.

With a breathtaking view over the Tagus, the botanical garden, the 25th of April Bridge, the Cristo-Rei, and the Ajuda Palace, is a unique living environment for those who appreciate peace and tranquility.

The equipment installed guarantees all the comfort throughout the year: Reversible air conditioning - hot and cold, double glazing with thermal bridges, solar panels, built-in and equipped kitchens, marble bathrooms, wooden floors and built-in wardrobes.

The most prestigious properties, on the top floor, have private terraces of 100 m² and private swimming pools.

Typology: 3 Bedrooms - 4 Bedrooms
Condition: Under construction
Price from: 1 100 000 €


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  • City Center
  • School
  • Green areas
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Apartamentos Libertas
Belém is a neighborhood of Lisbon full of history and culture. A true delight for the senses, it also concentrates great wealth in terms of heritage, museums, restaurants and leisure areas. The neighborhood benefit from a large number of excellent schools. Good accessibility to the beaches, and other historical areas of Lisbon.
Condomínio Unique Belém

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    Sales stand information

    Rua General João de Almeida 2, Ajuda
    1300-267, Lisboa
    Latitude: 38°42’03.8″N
    Longitude: 9°11’60.0″W